About Us

We strongly believe in Fair Trade & personally import 100% of our products. This is because we import our own products,we personally ensure that our ethical guidelines are always followed from start to finish and we personally ensure our products are not produced in sweatshops and can guarantee no child labour.

Siiren is a fair trade importer of Bespoke Furniture, Home ware and handicrafts and we are proud to be a member of the BAFTS - The British Association for fair trade shops.

Owners and Directors, Daniel and Natasha Cummings manage this family owned business with the help of a large dedicated team of staff members.

Siiren is based in the somewhat sleepy town of Newton Abbot, Devon where we have a total of Four warehouses where you can come over and see the products for yourself and get a real feel for what we do.

The company was established only 9 years ago and it took a year of research and planning to conceive this unique brand. Siiren is a member of BAFTS, the British Association of Fair Trade Shops, and we are proud to do business in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved.

At Siiren, we believe that every human being has a right to lead a happy life, and by providing financial security and honest trade to over 200 families of skilled craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia, we are doing business with basic rights and sustainability in mind.

99.9% of our stock comprises of verified Fair Trade products, and there are no Agents involved in our buying process to ensure that the craftsmen get their dues fairly. None of our products are produced in sweat shops and we can guarantee no child labour.

We visit our team of craftsmen quite a number of times throughout the year to make sure that their association with Siiren is mutually beneficial, and that they are as happy with us, as we are with their work. It gives us great pleasure that we are responsible for changing the lives of over 200 families of skilled craftsmen who didn’t get due recognition or compensation for their art. By teaming up with Siiren, these amazing artists are now enjoying financial security and prosperity. We have introduced them to a global market and have made them aware of their crafts’ worth.

Siiren understands that true art can only be created from one’s heart and soul, and we make sure that our artists work without any pressure or stress. Therefore, all orders are placed with upfront payment to the artists and we don’t impose deadlines on them. Each of our artists has a unique story behind them, and it is their lives, experiences and spirituality that enables them to create such beautiful pieces for our customers.

In the spirit of Fair Trade we have a one-on-one relationship with our artists and make sure that they get a fair worth for their craft. We make certain that the craftsmen are not exploited by Agents charging extra commission.

We visit with our artists to ensure that they have decent working conditions. We have spent time in our craftsmen’s open air workshops and gardens where these lovely artifacts are created. We have seen grandparents lending a hand in weaving mesmerizing dream catchers embellished with intricate patterns that are richer and all the more interesting thanks to their life experiences. We have experienced the joy on innocent faces as we take out sweets and goodies that we bring for the children of our craftsmen on every visit. We have a unique relationship with these amazing people and our lives are all the more richer thanks to them.

Siiren takes great care that all our strict standards are met before we purchase handmade products from a supplier. We also check were possible for wood sustainability by making sure that legal sources have been used to create these handicrafts thus ensuring an environment friendly production.

By opting for a Fair Trade product you are doing your part in ensuring sustainable and environment friendly production and financial security and prosperity for skilled craftsmen at no added costs to you.

At Siiren, we do business from our heart and hope that our pieces fill your lives with the same joy and peace that our craftsmen feel while creating them.

If you care to come over to our warehouse and visit us personally to see the handicrafts for yourself you are most welcome!

We offer 20% discount for retail visitors and 7.5% discount on wholesale orders on a Cash and Carry Basis.

10% discount