Artist Information



My name is Kadek and I am from Bali

I'm responsible for making wooden statues of Tree men from Hibiscus wood.

Making Greenman statues is very hard work because the wood is so very heavy and dense. The average block that we carve a face in weighs around 30kg.

I have been associated with Siiren for the past 18 months. Previously, I used to work alone and was not very aware of market trends but currently I lead a team of three more workers making all shapes and sizes of Tree men statues.

Working with Siiren has been a great experience as it’s a fair trade company, this means we are paid our dues well and our rights as workers are fully reserved. I look forward to continuing my work with Siiren and expand my team to decorate your homes and gardens with these statues that I love making.



My name is Adek from Bali, Indonesia

The lovely chairs that you have just seen are my creation along with the help of four other team members. We have been working for Siiren for the past six years creating furniture.

The experience of working with Siiren is an exceptional one for me and my team. We are indeed pleased to work for a company where fair trade policies are genuinely adopted and we get what we deserve, instead of getting paid enough just to get by. Siiren has played a pivotal role in changing my life in terms of my prosperity.

The work that I do mostly deals with furniture making from hardwood; it involves a lot of hard work including designing, polishing, cutting hardwood etc. Furniture making is a labor intensive job which makes me very tired each day, but at the end of the day it pays well and makes living comfortable for me and my family.

My team and I are very pleased of the fact that our work is appreciated and we keep on producing more items to our customers satisfaction. If you would like me to make something special for you just let me know !



My name is Agung and im 37 years old.

I along with another wood carver craft wooden hand statues and things like bowls shaped like hands. The hand is such an interesting part of the body with so much character that its always fascinated me.

Initially we started as a small business with very little revenue. This was because of the fact that there was no market for our products apart from passing tourists who would haggle us down to a loss most days.

After we started working for Siiren quite a number of years ago now, our business expanded nicely. We were exposed to a whole new market and work according to its requirements, which means designing new ideas to keep our work fresh and exciting. Designing something new thats an instant hit makes me feel so elated and happy inside.



My name is Arjana, and I craft wooden walking sticks from rosewood.

I have been working with Siiren for six years making sticks with a wide variety of heads and designs. I find great pleasure in my work as the idea of helping people to walk better is most satisfying for me and makes me understand that if someone must use a stick everyday then of course it must be beautiful.

Siiren have been the driving force behind my growing business because they are continuously helping me to find new ideas to keep my business fresh. Some of them i find strange as its things i have never heard of. I am yet to master the Meerkat walking stick but i am trying very hard.



My name is Asmidah and I belong to the Sayan area of Bali

I run a small company with 3 members of staff which creates different items of wall decor. like lizard and gecko plaques.

Different members have different responsibilities in our team and each artist no matter what his job role, has to work with high precision so that the final product will be good quality and customers will feel a sense of joy when they behold our creations. The work you see on these Gecko plaques is totally made by our hands without the use of any machines.

After we started working with Siiren they made us realise how important our work is and made us want to create new designs with new methods, again our work became exciting !

Continuous input from customers is the key factor of our improvement and expansion and we thank Siiren for believing in us and spending the time to help us.


B Satwa

My name is B Satwa and I live in Bali

Before I met Siiren I was basically an oil painting artist and I used to paint fish and animal life, but I couldn’t find a viable market for my work. Then I came in contact with Siiren and they helped me focus my artistic sense in a different dimension by painting carved wooden animals like Zebra and Giraffes.

Today I lead a team of six people for Siiren that craft these wooden animal carvings and statues. I add to the character of these carved animals by painting them with my artistic skill. I draw my inspiration from nature and its beauty.

Working with Siiren is a wonderful experience; I enjoy financial stability and also the fact that my work is bringing joy to people. Creativity is a never ending process and an artist strives to make each and every piece beautiful and timeless.



My name is Bangkim and I am 32 years old, I'm from Bangli, Indonesia.

I have been associated with Siiren for the past seven years carving and crafting happy Buddha statues in all various shapes and sizes.

I feel immense pleasure in crafting happy Buddhas with my hands. I believe that I am spreading the joy, happiness and blessings of Buddha’s teachings around the world with my craft. These statues are hand crafted by our own hands and there’s no machinery involved at all.

Buddha has a lot of spiritual influence on our region and this is depicted in our work as well. My work depicts Buddha’s message and preaching.

Working with Siiren is a great experience because of the Fair-trade values they teach us and I consider myself fortunate to have found this opportunity as it gives my work due recognition and value.




My name is Boby. I belong to the Kintamani region of Bali. I am 34 years old. I have been working with Siiren form the past 5 years

Previously I was a small scale artist and I used to make handicrafts for local tourists, selling them for what ever i could get. My life changed dramatically after I started working for Siiren.

I over time have hired a team of five more people to work for me producing goods as the demand for my work was too much for me alone. For any worker the biggest asset is the amount he gets paid at the end of the day and I am fortunate enough in this regard that I receive more than the normal prevailing rate for artisans. We all are lucky to work for Siiren, as it recognizes our true worth and has opened new avenues of progress for us. Siiren has a huge economic impact on our lives and on the lives of people associated with us.

I plan to employ more people in future and design more innovative pieces in what is an exciting future for me.



My name is Budi and I was born in Bali, Indonesia, I along with three other members in my team.

have been involved in making teak root furniture since we left school. We have been working for Siiren for the past five years, and has been immense pleasure so far.

Our work is being recognized, and neither we nor our work is being exploited because of the Fair pay structure they have in place. My work gives me a great deal of satisfaction, as I am aware that the furniture I create is in high demand somewhere around the world. This awareness is given to me by the Siiren people through their fair trade policy. I feel great pleasure by creating these artifacts for Siiren and the opportunity has truly changed my life!

Our region is known for the large presence of teak trees, and a large population makes its living by crafting goods from the teak trees. The furniture that I make is totally handmade and is crafted without the involvement of any machinery. I believe creativity is not a single step of process it is indeed an evolution.

The fact that the people recognize my work and expect more from me makes me work harder and I also strive to bring out uniqueness in each and every piece that I create. I basically make furniture to earn a living, but the fact that my crafted pieces are in homes around the world is a source of overwhelming joy for me.



My name is Dewa Gede and I am from Southern Indonesia.

I am a 25 year old working mother of 2 children and i have been working for Siiren for the past four years making presentable items from stained glass for our family business.

The works involves a lot of delicacy and hard work. An error at any stage could prove to be drastic for the whole piece. Precision and accuracy are the keys to make quality products.

Our family has been involved in making these mosaic bowls and mirrors for the past 15 years when we used to own a shop selling these pieces of arts to the tourists.Our association with Siiren has revolutionized our lives, now we don't even have to run a shop to make a living !

After we started working for Siiren we had to hire alot of new workers to keep up with the level of work they had gifted us with. As we continued to receive more and more orders my family business has expanded to an enormous scale and I feel highly elated to have worked for Siiren where fair trade policies are being adopted. I hope to continue my business for Siiren as my business and I are the great source of inspiration to all the young entrepreneurs in my Village.




My name is Edi and I belong to the land of artists, Bali, Indonesia,

I craft life sized statues of various animals and wildlife directly for Siiren.

My statues are handcrafted with basic hand tools as this is what i was taught to use by my father and mentor Kadek.

Many people would not believe just how basic the tools i use are, but its what i feel comfortable with in my work. Many times Siiren has offered to buy me machinery to help me with my work but technology scares me and I'm worried that they can be dangerous. If i was to have an accident this would be my lively hood finished.

I thank siiren for investing in my work as its obviously not cheap to buy some of my work, but this is simply because of the hours they can take me. A large statue takes me on average 6 weeks to carve if i work on it every day.

I'm very humbled to think that my work is shipped across the world and now graces some homes and hotels in a land so far away. I never would of believed that 40 years ago when my father taught me to carve that i would end up to be a somewhat famous carver !



My name is Desari and I belong to Lake Batukaru area of Bali, Indonesia, I am 37 years old and I make wooden mirrors.

I along with four other craftsmen work together for Siiren. The mirrors that I craft are totally hand made from very dense, solid Suar or Teak wood and my craft demands a lot of creativity and patience to produce.

Previously my work was not acknowledged duly by local customers and I used to receive quite alot less money for my hard work than i felt i deserved, but i had no choice as i have a family to feed.

After I started working for Siiren my life changed a lot, in fact, I recognised my own true worth as the company exposed my work to an international market and i finally realised that i can demand a good price for my work.

Positive feedback from customers and demand of producing more creative items pushes me to work even harder. It also inspires me to bring more innovation to my work. I aim to continue producing more innovative glass mirror designs for Siiren and hopefully one day my children will also work for me and continue my work.



My name is Gading and I am 31 years old and im from Bali, Indonesia.

I, along with other members of my family are in the business of making items from real driftwood, like mirrors and pieces for the home.

When i was growing up my father owned a small business in Bali that sold Driftwood handicrafts. His work was to craft decorative items from drift wood (which is collected from the beaches) His customers mostly comprised of local traders in Bali. After joining my father’s business I found great pleasure in this craft and tried to help support the family creating and selling it.

We were fortunate to be spotted by the Siiren people, and after we started working for Siiren our lives changed for the better. Previously we had to work day and night to accommodate our basic needs, as local traders used to pay us quite less for our work. Now I along with my wife, brother and sister we work together for Siiren and make enough money to live quite a comfortable life. I aim to work for Siiren in the future and produce artefacts with superior quality for people around the world and maybe become a household name as the great artist of driftwood.



My name is Goval and I originally hail from the Timor Islands, I came to Bali to find work 9 years ago and I am pleased to have settled here.

I have been working for Siiren for the past six years and i am employed in Hankados workshop. I hold speciality in crafting Didgeridoo's and Boomerangs with ethnic and Aboriginal designs. This art has been transferred to me from my forefathers.

After moving to Bali I imagined that nobody would recognize my work, but this concept proved to be wrong after I started working for Handoko. I feel pleasure in transferring my legacy to people, so that they know the importance of Pacific art. Siiren has promoted this art in an amicable and presentable way and has also brought a revolution in my life in terms of financial security.

I feel proud to be associated with Handoko and of course Siiren and hope to continue my work in future.


Harry Nata

My name is Harry Nata and I reside in the lively resort of Kuta in Bali Indonesia, I am an oil painting expert. I have been working with Siiren for the past three years.

It is difficult for local artists to survive on their craft, but thanks to Siiren I have found financial prosperity through my skill and craft. My work is my projection of how I see the world. I draw my inspiration from the Moon, its light and the serenity when it is in full bloom. That is why I prefer to work during the night hours alone. I feel that painting Buddha in the serenity of night is a beautiful, soul lifting experience.

I paint Buddha and bring his emotions to life on the canvas. It is not easy to express the feelings of such a magnificent personality on the canvas but I put my soul in to my work and am glad of the fact that people appreciate my work.

Thanks to Siiren, I get to make a living out of my passion and craft which is wonderful for my family and i as we now have a reliable income, which gives us a brighter future in these hard times.



My name is Hortono and I am from Batunya, Indonesia,

I hold specialisation in making wooden bowls and wooden displays from a variety of wood. Although it appears to be quite easy to craft these items from wood, in actual fact this is a very tough and demanding job. It requires a lot of precision and accuracy. A small error may lead to serious consequences ultimately destroying the whole product.

I started working for Siiren five years ago, and my journey and association with Siiren has been brilliant as it has not only improved the quality of my life but has also given me valuable directions to improve my work. Previously I used to work on a small scale with limited exposure to outside market place.

Siiren has exposed my craft to the world, the fact that my work is in high demand is the source of great pleasure for me and pushes me to keep making new designs that my customers will love.



My name is Jagri and i am from Denpasar in Bali.

I have been working for Siiren for the past six years. Siiren has always been supportive in terms of protecting my business and my interests. With changing market trends the demand of abstract art was greatly reduced in the past 2 years but Siiren has always encouraged me to produce more unique work and dont give up.

I will always be thankful to them for this kind gesture and for believing in my talent and showing me that with a bit of dedication i can relight the flame for my work that i thought was lost.

I can now promise that very soon i will have some new and exciting abstract art that will be available in your country exclusively from siiren and of course me!


KT Wadri

My name is KT Wadri, I'm 58 years old and I live in Indonesia;

Originally my forefathers migrated from North America approximately 70 years ago. Our family has been settled in Indonesia since then, I am head of a large family and all of us are involved in making totem pole related artefacts as our profession and lively hood.

I learnt the art of carving Totem poles from my father and he learnt this art from his father. This is a family heritage transferred to me and now I am teaching my children the same art and crafting techniques. I had many reasons of adopting this art as a profession as I always wanted to be closely associated with the culture and traditions of my forefathers and I believe that my art gives me a fair chance to do so. I am proud of the fact that I have kept alive my family tradition even after migrating to Asia.

Siiren is doing a great job, by promoting these items in the western world as they are not only giving us a good living but also keeping my traditions alive. My family and I are feel lucky to have found Siiren and the contact to the international market they give us.

Please keep the new custom totem pole ideas coming to as i love making new designs. I'm very happy to hear that so many of my designs go into school projects as well as the children can learn about my forefathers art too.


KT Kadek

My name is KT Kadek and I'm from Bali in Southern Indonesia

I along with other members of my family have been involved in crafting of ethnic and African statues for 16 years.

I am basically a canvas artist and previously I used to express my emotions on canvas. Like other fellow artists, I too faced the problem of poor pay for my work. There was very little demand of our work, local traders used to exploit this and in the end we never got what we deserved in the way of wages.

This is a family business, and I am the one responsible for painting models while other members of my family craft them from wood. I paint wooden models with different designs using my own imagination and keeping the African cultural and traditions in mind.

Six years ago when I started working with Siiren i never could of imaged that my life would of progressed forward like it has. My talent is being recognised and I continually receive new orders from them. Now my family is financially secure and we hope to produce more artefacts with different features for Siiren’s valuable clients.



My name is Kaka, im 29 years old and from Indonesia. I craft objects from Tin and wire metal.

Previously I used to work alone but now I have also employed my brother and taught him the art of metal work because my business is expanding. Together we work for Siiren, and have been associated with this international company for the past one year.

Working with metals is relatively tough as compared to other mediums; it requires high precision and accuracy. We usually craft animal replicas from Tin using only basic hand tools for crafting these objects.

Working with Siiren has given our work its due acknowledgement as previously my hard work did not pay as well. But after we started working for Siiren we started to get a fair amount for our crafts which not only pays me a wage but enables me to save for my future. I feel fortunate to be working for Siiren and I hope to expand my business further by employing more craftsmen to improve their lives as well like i have mine.



My name is Kena and I originate from the Lake Buyan region of Bali.

Currently I lead the team of six artisans and together we all work for Siiren creating Snake and reptile carvings.

I have been involved in crafting small reptiles from different kinds of wood such as Suar, Albesia and parasite wood since i left school 12 years ago and love the fact that i bring nature back into peoples homes.

I have been associated with Siiren for the past six years. Siiren has helped me a lot in expanding my business and improving my economic status. Previously I used to work alone and my clients usually comprised of tourists who wanted to haggle with me and i ended up losing money in some cases.

Working with Siiren has exposed me to a bigger much better market place, Crafts that I make are showcased around the world and this fills me with pride.



My name is Kumpal and I am from Bali, Indonesia, I am 39 years old and father of four children. I hold specialisation in crafting many different animal statues.

I draw a great deal of inspiration from wild life and the horse has always been my favourite animal because of its speed and grace. We don't have alot of horses in the wild here in Bali, so most of my creation comes from my head and pictures i have seen.

I have been associated with Siiren from almost seven years and my life changed dramatically after I stared working for them. The concept of fair trade is very much encouraging for me and my fellow craft workers. There is a huge responsibility on my shoulders to support my big family and previously our work was hardly appreciated and we had to wait to get our payments from local businessmen. Siiren has given my work its due acknowledgement and recognition and i now am able to make a living and plan for my families future.

I love to make new animals as i find this challenging and a real fun way to fill my days. Recently Siiren gave us the challenge of making something called a Meerkat. We have never seen this Meerkat before so found it very funny to see such a strange animal. It took alot of attempts but i think we have now managed to make them very well.


MD Sarjana

My name is MD Sarjana, and I am a working mother and Grandmother, I hail from Bali, Indonesia.

I am in charge of the family business of making and selling handmade jewellery displays for the likes of necklaces and bracelets. The jewellery displays that I make are totally hand made from natural wood without the involvement of any machinery.

My work was not really recognised in my locality as local jewellers used to display their items on plastic made moulds so business was quite tough. I was considering changing my business as it was not giving me much profit and subsequently a poor lively hood.

Siiren has given me encouragement to stick with my unique business and promised that they would help to showcase my art to a wider audience worldwide. They have done this and more as i went from a tiny struggling company to a business now employing 12 people.

I feel very honoured at the fact that I'm associated with a company where the worth of its smallest worker is recognised thanks to its fair trade policy.


Md Suarsa

My name is Md Suarsa, Im 29 years old and from Ubud in Bali.

I have been crafting these wooden dolphins and sealife statues for the past 11 years. This is basically a family run business that has been handed down from one generation to the next. I got my basic training from my parents and now, I have transferred this craft to my sons. The wooden Dolphin is made from the strong Saur wood with the help of basic hand tools, and no conventional machinery is used in the process. I dont think people belive that this is all done by my hands but it really is !

I regard it my duty to the generations before me to craft items with full passion and spirit in order to keep alive their tradition of crafting quality objects. Siiren has been brilliant in changing our lives by paying us fairly and somewhat more then artisans usually get in our trade. In addition to this, the fact that our work is recognized at an international level further adds to the appeal of working with Siiren. It inspires me to work better and produce quality products.

I aim to extend my business and hire more people for making these intricate pieces of art. This will benefit me as well as the local craftsmen, our work will get its due recognition and our economic conditions will also improve to the larger extent.



My name is Made, I am a 31 years old and a father to 2 children.

I have been involved with crafting wind chimes since my childhood; my Grandmother taught me to prepare them as a hobby. and the fact that they get now sell around the world is a very exciting thought for me.

The Wind chimes i make are made from natural bamboo grown for me by Siiren. They provide me with the materials i need and i simply make them along with 4 other staff members.

I do enjoy creating something from the earth and then giving it life and making it look exciting yet natural.

I have been involved with Siiren for nearly 7 years and the work and teachings they give me has been invaluable to the growth of my business. thank you so much !


Made Ana

My name is Made Ana, I am a 57 years old mother and grandmother.

My daily family routine does not allow me to be a full time worker. But thanks to Siiren for recognizing my work, I along with 12 other ladies of my locality make 'Dream Catchers'. They are totally hand made from natural Cotton, Wicker and Suede and are decorated with beads and genuine feathers. My natural sense of beauty as a woman drives me to craft innovative patterns for these lovely Dream Catchers which im so proud that people like.

I have been involved with crafting dream catchers since my childhood; my Grandmother taught me to prepare them as a hobby. and the fact that they get appreciation from people around the world is overwhelming for me.

I have inspired other ladies to make them for Siiren as they faced certain social limitations for being women, but this work is paying them very well for a non labour intensive job.

Now we all are in better position to help our husbands support our families and raise our children and grandchildren in a better way. I hope to continue my work for Siiren and also aim to encourage more ladies to work for Siiren so that their lives may also improve.



My name is Mamam and I from Denpasar, Indonesia

I have been working with Siiren for the past six years and i am trained in crafting Rain sticks from the dried Bamboo at Handoko's workshop along with several other workers.

I find immense pleasure in crafting these instruments as Rain sticks hold an important place in our culture from the ancient times. They are associated with the myth bringing of rain storms to help the rice crops and animals.

My work was not recognized before I started working for Handoko and Siiren. After joining Siiren there is a rapid increase in my wages and my living conditions improved. I am pleased of the fact that my work is now being appreciated by International customers.

I was not aware of fair trade system before I started working for Siiren. I find this concept very encouraging, as this will also increase the quality of life for future generations.




My name is Mumush and I work for the Handoko’s workshop in Bali, Indonesia

I hold specialty in making Ethnic Drums and percussion instruments and I have been working for Handoko and Siiren for the past seven years. These drums are made from the hard wood and goat’s leather.

My love for music compelled me to craft these ethnic musical instruments and I feel great pleasure in my work, The Fair trade concept of Siiren and the fact that Siiren pays me well is also a great sense of great satisfaction for me and brings out more diversity in my work.

Drums and the musical instruments that I make are not easy to create, as precision at every step is the basic requirement, but at the end of the day a secure career justifies the hard work.

I hope you enjoy playing the drums i make as much I do!



My name is Putu and I craft wooden angels.

I have a great understanding towards the Christian religion and I strongly believe that God sent angels to help people in despair and watch over us. I know that we all have an Angel with us.

My spiritual binding compelled me to spread this message around the world with my art. Getting recognition for your craft and ideology is a great plus point of my work.

Working for Siiren has been a great experience for me, I have rediscovered myself and my love for Angels as I strive to produce new and exciting styles for the huge amount of customers they have. Sometimes the styles come to me in my head as I sleep and I think that maybe my own Angel has given me my next idea.

When you have my wooden angel in your home it's just a small reminder of the guardian angel that watches over you and keeps you safe.



We run a family business crafting ethnic and African masks. The wooden African masks we make are prepared from a local wood called Albesia. We were advised by the Siiren people to try and use this wood for mask making due to the fact this wood comes from a fast growing tree. Its cutting down will not have detrimental environmental effects as the tree will re grow fully in five years, making it sustainable to use for the craft we make a lively hood from.

Different members in my family are assigned different jobs in mask making, from crafting to painting. My job is to research new designs and train the staff on the best methods to make them. You might not know , but all of these masks are 100% painted by our hands. We use small syringes of colour to create the delicate colours.

Working with Siiren is a great experience for all of us and we feel proud of the fact that we work a company that follows fair trade standards and considers sustainability of natural resources. long may it continue !



My name is Shiman and I am from the Ubud area of Indonesia.

I along with five other fellow workers are associated with the crafting of Thai Buddha statues from a variety of wood.

My work is a source of great pleasure to me, as our region has great inclination towards Buddha and his teachings; my work also draws its inspiration from the same.

My spiritual inclination towards Buddha brings out the purity in my work which I feel is the most important factor in also bringing out the quality in my work. My other driving force is the fact that Siiren has helped me and others in my team to improve our quality of life by selling our craft and paying me very fairly to produce them.

I feel elated and proud to have been associated with Siiren for the past seven years and I aim to craft more intricate statues of Buddha in the future for Siiren to spread the essence of spirituality around the world.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make these wonderful Buddha for you to enjoy



My name is Simian and i am from a place called Bali in Indonesia,

My team and I craft mushrooms from parasite wood. This strange looking wood is found in Bali's forests and we use it to craft appealing mushroom replicas. The Mushrooms look so realistic and this makes me feel like i have achieved perfection every time.

My business is never going to make me a rich man as Mushrooms don't sell for huge amounts of money, but what i have got now is a business that has given my and my family security. Siiren has helped our business grow tremendously over the years thanks to the fair trade policies that they have put in place for us. This basically means we get paid fairly and also get money invested in us for better conditions and to help us expand.

I would like to think that being associated with an international fair trade company has made my children proud of me and the work i do. Its not classed as a glamorous job , but they now know i sell products to the other side of the world and maybe even the rich and famous. With this thought i would hope that they would like to follow after me and continue my growing business.



My name is Srinten and i am originally from Northern Bali.

I hold expertise in crafting Weeping Buddhas. I have a special interest in crafting the weeping Buddha due to my own personal interest. As an artist I found that it is a daunting task to express emotions in objects and personify feelings

I draw my inspiration from Buddha’s teachings; the pain that he endured to reach self-enlightenment is an inspiration for me and my work. Although I am not well educated, I understand and feel the true teachings of Buddha, and I try to translate them into my art pieces. The pieces I make reflect the pain that Buddha endured in his life.

I have been making weeping Buddhas for five years with Siiren and I feel very proud that Siiren has recognized my art and is spreading it around the world with the sales they generate. Working with Siiren and the fact that

10% discount