Artist Videos

Sudras Dragon Carving Work Shop

This video gives a small insight into Sudra and his open air work shop located at the rear of his home. Sudra is responsible for the large majority of our Dragon carvings, all of which he carves using only basic hand tools.


The Talented Sudra Creating a Dragon

A video of Sudra hard at work on a dragon statue in his open air workshop. The exact dragon he is carving is one of our 50 cm English Dragons, product code NTENDR50


Large Dragon Coffee Table in Production

Sudra the dragon artist working on one of our spectacular large Dragon Coffee tables, available only through Siiren Ltd. The product code for the exact item being carved is DRACOFTBL.


Carving an Oak Leaf Green Man Plaque

One of Kadek's three talented carvers shows the intricate skill involved in creating one of our most popular products, the Oak Leaf Green Man Plaque, product code OAKGMPLQ.


Shiman's Workshop

A quick look around Shiman's Workshop in Bali, Indonesia, and the Thai Buddha statues he individually hand carves.


Fine Detailing and Engraving

An insight into how our artists are able to achieve the fine detailing on many of the item's they create, in this case a Large Thai Buddha statue and a bespoke Teak Bench with custom engraving, especially for a Siiren customer.


Happy Buddha Face Detailing

Bangkim, along with 3 other carvers, hand carve all of our Happy Buddha statues. This video gives some insight into the skill required to create the fine detail that goes into the face's of these hugely popular statues. The item being carved is a 20cm Happy Buddha, product code NTHB20.


Shiman at Work

Shiman, the artist responsible for our Thai Buddha statues, can be seen here chiselling the basic form of a 30cm Thai Buddha statue. Once the initial shape is crafted, he then adds the fine detail's such as the eyes, mouth and fingers, all by hand and without the use of conventional power tools.


Balinese Hinduism Coming of Age Ceremony

Whilst visiting Bali, we are sometimes privileged enough to get invited to religious ceremonies and rituals. One such event we were invited too was this coming of age ceremony in which young boy's must face a demon (in this instance a man in fancy dress with a big stick) to retrieve food and various treats, thus moving one step closer to man-hood.


Bangkim Carving a Happy Buddha

Bangkim working on a 40cm Happy Buddha statue. Statues such as this are renowned for their ability to provide the owner with luck. Simply rubbing their belly once a day and treating the statue with respect is enough to unlock the good fortunes of the Buddha.


Green Man Plaque Carving

Another video showing one of Kadek's 3 carver's working on another Oak Leaf Green Man plaque for Siiren ltd. These are hugely popular and perfect for the garden.

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