Amusing Facts about Zebras

We all know zebras are very attractive, cool and unique black and white “horse look alike” animal filled with stripes right? When I was a child, zebras were one of my favorite animals. When my mom brought me to the zoo, I could never get enough of them! If you are a zebra lover absolutely, you will be fascinated with … Continue reading

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Thai Buddha Statues Depicting Significance of Hand Gestures

Have you ever visited a temple or a religious place displaying a statue of Buddha? Aside from appreciating these images, have you gone through the depiction of each Buddha statue narrated by the person supervising that site? I am sure you might have witnessed those statues closely and found out other significant details to understand the hand gestures represents by each … Continue reading

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A Unique Home Décor

There is a wide array of options online for one of a kind home and garden decorations. Each one of them is having a unique way of how they are created. They are often inspired of different themes and made with different materials but are all especially made to appeal in someone’s choice of colour, taste, preference, and style. Decorations … Continue reading

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A Decorative Driftwood Art

Can you name someone who hates spending vacation on beaches or someone who hates walking barefoot on the seashore? I mean, who does not love the relaxing feeling Mother Nature brings? If you have been to at least one beach location in your lifetime, I’m sure you have seen that seemingly annoying floating tree debris that is often considered as … Continue reading

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Green Man Plaques for an Individual Garden

If you want to decorate your garden with a distinctive and natural image, then you will find that Green Man plaques can be the perfect choice. These hand-carved plaques are made from natural Fairtrade wood and come in a range of different designs and styles. The Green Man is known as the ‘garden protector’ and is a wonderful way to … Continue reading

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Install a totem pole in your garden for a guaranteed talking point!

Your garden is a place where you can really show off your personality and style, so don’t be boring and plump for normal and standard garden features when you could flex your individuality and give your garden so much more flair! Installing an American Indian totem pole in your garden has to be the best example of this, and when … Continue reading

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Wooden Animal Statues Are a Unique Way To Enhance Your Garden!

Your garden is your pride and joy and those that take care of their outdoor space spend a lot of time, money and effort making it just-so. Whether it’s landscaping, mowing the grass, planting out flowerbeds, pruning trees, carrying out routine garden maintenance or even just pottering, you will enjoy being able to stand back and admire your work from … Continue reading

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Using Buddha plaques to turn your garden into a haven!

If you are lucky enough to have a garden then we don’t need to tell you just how much joy it can bring. Having your very own piece of outdoor space is a real treat, and once you’ve had a garden you won’t want to live without one. No matter what you use your garden for, it’s really important to … Continue reading

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Creative Wall Decorating Ideas

Your house should be the sanctuary where you find comfort after one hectic working day. It should be the perfect place to relax and wind down either alone or with friends and family. Therefore it is important to make your house as comfortable as possible from the way you arrange the furniture and the way you decorate.

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Impressive Unique Holiday Gifts

As a gift superstore Siiren is sure to have everything handmade that will make perfect gift especially during holiday season like todays. From time to time we update our collection with something new.

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