Fair Trade at Siiren

Want to know more about our fair trading? We have lots of info on how we source our products and our talented artists in this latest infographic.

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Looking For Home Décor Ideas?

        Here at Siiren, not only do we have a fantastic collection of home accessories, but we also have some great home décor ideas to offer too! If you want to update your home this season and need some helpful ideas or hints, then you have come to the right place. Whether you want to add some … Continue reading

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Range in Focus: Teak Root and Rustic Furniture

When it comes to decorating your home with furniture that is out of the ordinary and special, you will find all you need here at Siiren. All of our furnishings are created by talented artists and the range we are focusing on for this post is the teak and root furniture collection. If you want to update your garden for … Continue reading

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Root 4

Come visit us at BBC Gardener’s World Live

On June 11th through till June 14th we will be at the BBC Gardener’s World Live event providing an exhibition of our finest wares, most of which are fair trade from some of the world’s best talent, taking place in Birmingham at the NEC Arena.   Many of the industry’s most well known influencers will be at the show including … Continue reading

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All About Totem Poles!

Across our quirky collection of products, you will find a great range of totem poles – but what exactly are they? We are all familiar with these statues which originated in North America, however the history and meaning behind them is often unclear, so we thought we would put together some interesting info for you!   Bit of history Totem … Continue reading

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Totem pole

Background Behind the Buddha

One of our most popular items across the site are our fantastic selection of Buddha statues, but what is the story behind them? Whether you are Buddhist or not, these intricately designed ornaments are popular across the world over, so why not learn a little about them below?   Behind Buddhism There are over 600 million Buddhists across the globe … Continue reading

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Top Tips For Sprucing Up Your Garden In Time for BBQ Season

With summer, hopefully, fast approaching it’s surely time for everyone to dig the BBQ out, dust it off and get it fired up! There isn’t anything better than a BBQ on a warm night, but nothing worse than having a winter-ruined garden to sit in, so we at Siiren have put together some ‘top tips’ on how to get your … Continue reading

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Tiki bar

Wind Chimes and Bird Houses

During prehistoric times, wind chime has existed in several cultures; it received its most stylish and productive development in south Asia and east, as well. From Bali to Tibet and Japan, where it was regularly and highly decorated, casted, carved, and was hung from the eaves of sanctified structures. Wind chimes were used by Buddhists and attaching them copiously by … Continue reading

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Fairtrade Metal and Bamboo Birdhouse Wind Chime

Teak Root Furniture

Teak is also known through its botanical term “Tectona grandis”, a timber species that usually grows in tropical environments such as Thailand, Myanmar, Burma, and many more. In fact, it can be found on the island that is situated within 10° degrees of the equator. It also flourishes in various locations with different dry and wet seasons. In addition to, … Continue reading

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Fairtrade Hand Crafted Teak Bar Stool

Handmade Bamboo and Wooden Ducks

Ducks are beautiful addition to your outdoor or indoor figures sealed with vegetable oil or teak. This animal are all happy to live outdoors year around. Either winter or summer, you can enhance your garden with one of our duck carvings or duck statues. Most of the time, it’s quite fascinated to see the unique appearance of their teak head … Continue reading

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duck statue