Other Animal Statues

Looking for a piece to add to your home? Want to create a unique look in one of your rooms? Then check out our collection of other animal statues here at Siiren. You will come across pieces which you may not have seen in our main collection, including bears, horses and dogs. If you are an animal lover and want to update your home, then this is certainly the place to look.

What’s Available?

Within our latest collection of other animal statues, you will find some great pieces for your home. Browse our selection of bears, dogs and horses and find your favourite animal in our range. We also stock smaller pieces such as rabbits, mice, snails and meerkats. With such a variety of designs available, you are bound to find the perfect animal statue for you here at Siiren.

Fair Trade Statues

Not only do we stock a superb selection of fantastic designs, but all of our items are hand crafted by our talented artists under fair trade conditions. Our other animal statues are created by Edi, Hartono, Kumpul and Wahyudi who are amazing at producing these intricate designs, designs which you will love having in your home.

Other Animal Statues
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