Buddha Collection

Siiren produce a gorgeous range of gifts all boasting the fair-trade label including this fantastic Buddha collection. If you are looking to add something unique to your home or perhaps a gift for someone special, you are sure to find something in our Buddha collection. You can also enjoy free UK delivery on any order of Thai Buddha statues and more.


Fit with our philosophy

We pride ourselves in making sure that talented and skilled craftsmen from third world countries are paid in accordance to the fantastic work they put into their projects, and our Buddha collection is no different. The fine detail shows how much effort is put into every piece from the happy Buddha statues to the stone Buddha statues and other pieces; they are all created to the highest quality standards.


Hand carved

Each of the decorative items in our Buddha range is hand carved bought at a fair price. Even the stone items within this section are created by hand, so you know you are purchasing something that is unusual and not just a run of the mill statue. Every Buddha has had precious time and attention put into creating a fair trade gift you will enjoy giving to friends and family, or decorating your own home with. Not only can you see the attention to detail but each statue will have a true spiritual meaning to it. This is all down to our Buddhist artists putting extra care into their work and making them much more special than a mass produced factory pieces created by machinery.


After taking a look through the various statues and art work we have within the Buddha collection, why not take a browse at some of our other gorgeous pieces? We have a brilliant choice of animal metalware which will add some fun and colour to your home and garden.

Buddha Collection
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