Wooden Garden Furniture and Art

Here at Siiren, we think of the garden as the perfect canvas. An open space on which you easily express your creative concepts and arrange a natural living area to design an atmosphere to suit your personality. To help you achieve this, Siiren offers a simply unmissable range of hand-crafted wooden garden furniture - unique additions for your favourite retreat which are simply brimming with artistic appeal and intricate, evocative details. If you’re looking for the finest quality wooden garden furniture, there’s simply no better place to explore than Siiren.


Siiren has a large range of exclusive wooden garden furniture, which has all been skilfully crafted by hand by some of the most talented craftspeople in the world, their work is inspired by the culture that surrounds them, and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to bring you outstanding finished products.. From the relaxing sounds of a bamboo wind chime hanging on the porch, to adorning your garden with our wooden totem poles and sophisticated garden statues, peace and serenity can be yours in abundance with Siiren.

Diverse range of exciting decorative wooden garden furniture and art

For the more decorative elements, visitors can choose from our selection of wooden garden art statues, wiki tiki bar art and so much more. Why not take home your very own ‘Green Man’ carving to watch over the garden, whilst relaxing in some of the finest Teak Root Furniture. You can have it all with Siiren, and best of all, all of our wooden garden furniture has been manufactured under strict fair trade conditions, helping guarantee our skilled craftsman quality of life; as well as ensuring wonderful products are always available for you to purchase from our store.


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Wooden Garden Furniture and Art
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