Bamboo Rainsticks

Fair-trade Wooden Rain sticks | Bamboo Rain sticks A Wooden Rain stick is a long, hollow tube which is filled with small baubles such as beads or beans and has small pins arranged helically on its inside surface. When the Rain stick is upended, the beads fall to the other end of the tube, making a sound reminiscent of a rainstorm as they bounce off the pins. The wooden Bamboo rain stick is generally used to create atmospheric sound effects or as a percussion instrument. The materials used to create a rain stick vary depending on cultural traditions and the plants and materials available locally, and also the cost of production in bulk manufactured rain sticks. The majority of our rain sticks have been crafted using natural Bamboo, as Bamboo is a more sustainable wood for this type of instrument these days as opposed to dried cactus which was traditionally used for many generations.

Bamboo Rainsticks
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