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edi My name is Edi and I belong to the land of artists, Bali, Indonesia,

I craft life sized statues of various animals and wildlife directly for Siiren.

My statues are handcrafted with basic hand tools as this is what i was taught to use by my father and mentor Kadek.

Many people would not believe just how basic the tools i use are, but its what i feel comfortable with in my work. Many times Siiren has offered to buy me machinery to help me with my work but technology scares me and I'm worried that they can be dangerous. If i was to have an accident this would be my lively hood finished.

I thank siiren for investing in my work as its obviously not cheap to buy some of my work, but this is simply because of the hours they can take me. A large statue takes me on average 6 weeks to carve if i work on it every day.

I'm very humbled to think that my work is shipped across the world and now graces some homes and hotels in a land so far away. I never would of believed that 40 years ago when my father taught me to carve that i would end up to be a somewhat famous carver !


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