My name is Shiman and I am from the Ubud area of Indonesia.

I along with five other fellow workers are associated with the crafting of Thai Buddha statues from a variety of wood.

My work is a source of great pleasure to me, as our region has great inclination towards Buddha and his teachings; my work also draws its inspiration from the same.

My spiritual inclination towards Buddha brings out the purity in my work which I feel is the most important factor in also bringing out the quality in my work. My other driving force is the fact that Siiren has helped me and others in my team to improve our quality of life by selling our craft and paying me very fairly to produce them.

I feel elated and proud to have been associated with Siiren for the past seven years and I aim to craft more intricate statues of Buddha in the future for Siiren to spread the essence of spirituality around the world.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make these wonderful Buddha for you to enjoy.


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