Wood Care

To help you enjoy your purchase for years to come, we have devised a small care sheet to advise you on its well-being. Your handmade wooden product is totally natural. It is not mass produced by machine from factory treated wood thus the item you have is going to be affected by several factors if not looked after properly


Natural wooden products do not like great amounts of heat , be it central heating or direct sunlight. We would advise that your item is not placed next to a radiator or fireplace or in a sunny window.

Leaving your product close to a source of heat will dry the wood very quickly and WILL make it crack as the moisture looks to escape from inside.

We have all of our products warehoused in a standard temperature environment for at least 12 months before selling them to ensure that any cracking from moisture movement is apparent well before going on sale.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, your wooden item needs to retain a certain level of moisture content to keep at its best. The simplest way we would explain this is to think of your wooden product like a fresh plant you have bought. If a plant is not nourished and watered it will start to dry out and look awful.

We care for every single wooden product in our warehouse at least once a month with TEAK OIL. Teak oil will put needed moisture back into the wood and also keep it looking its best.

Teak oil is available from the likes of B&Q for around £3 for a small bottle. Simply spray some teak oil onto the product, leave for around 1 minute and brush in with a clean paint brush.


A question we are asked quite often is "can my product be left outside"?

Yes - the product is fine outside but would need treating with a polyurethane based product such as yacht varnish or similar to simply protect it from the outside elements.


We are often asked about odd colour patterns in the wood , this is a totally natural occurrence in handmade products and to a certain degree confirms the product you have is a genuine handmade item.

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